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Special Etna Volcano Tour

The highest active volcano in Europe, situated on the eastern side of the Island of Sicily between the Alcantara and Simeto Rivers, Mt. Etna dominates the entire province of Catania with its grandeur.

Identified since ancient times with the forging of the volcano, with its 135km. perimeter and height of 3,340 meters above sea level, Mt. Etna is the result of a multitude of geological events which have taken place over the course of 10s of thousands of years. Its first eruptive manifestations reach back to the Piestoncenic period (570,000/600,000) years ago.

The present day volcano, whose height under goes constant variations due to the accumulation of materials or to a collapse of the sides, stands on the old volcanoes; Trifoglietto, (whose collapse generated the crater pit in the Valle del Bove) and that of Mongibello (from the Arabic, ‘ gebel’ to indicate the mount of the dead) is active to this day.

In addition to the submittal craters, the Montagnola and the Silvestri Mounts are of particular interest. Mount Montagnola is one of the most imposing temporary cones on Mt. Etna; it took shape south of the Central Crater on the southern slope where it opened up at a height of 2,500 m. following the eruption of 1763. The Silvestri Mounts were formed following the eruption of 1892. Between Mt. Silvestri superior and Mt. Silvestri inferior, the road which leads up from Zafferana and Nicolosi to the small town square at Rifugio Sapienza, which is the destination of all of the visitors who are ready to begin the climb up to the volcano, passes.
At 2,900 m. we find the noted ‘Torre Del Filosfo’ (philosopher’s tower) a construction so nominated in remembrance of Empedocles (492 B.C. – 430 A.D.) .
The Agrigentian philosopher who went up the volcano to study it. But it’s not clear if this was done accidentally or willingly. It is thought that the building was constructed by the Emperor Adriano, who, between 117 and 138 A.D., climbed Mt. Etna. Fascinated by its magnificence and by the ampleness of the panorama, which one can enjoy from this strategic point of view over the Catanese province.

The tour :Leaving the coast and passing through some of the Etna villages with a stop in Zafferana Etnea with visit of the church and the lava flow in 1992 we reach the height of 6.175 ft, where the Silvestri Craters can be admired. It is possible to continue the journey by jeeps, we cross the lava flows up to the permitted height to admire a wonderful landscape.We include a stop in the winery Murgo in order to have a wine tasting and a vineyards tour.


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